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Since 2011, Blue Elements is a major player in the field of subtitling, and a reference in live subtitling, its original specialty.

We have changed the techniques thanks to our applications and our technological partners. Today, we successfully offer all of subtitling professions.

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TV channels

News, TV shows, sports, drama, documentaries


VOD platforms, web TV, corporate websites, independent webcasters

Entertainment, special events, corporate contents

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We have the solution, and it’s simple!

Our R&D department works on developments and new subtitling applications. We own a Cloud Based software suite which includes specific applications for offline captioning, live captioning and multilingual livestreaming.

100% subtitling

Live Captioning

For the hearing impaired

Close captioning

For the hearing impaired

Live Translation

Embedded subtitle, as an optional display or in simultaneous multilingual subtitling

Offline translation

Subtitle files


Image broadcasting and possibility of a synchronous multilingual live captioning

Post-production Lab

Files exports and files “ready to broadcast »

Visit our LiveOpera website and discover our unique livestreaming solutions with multilingual subtitling of live performances!

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